Face Covering Policy & Protocol Update

Dear Cumberland Academy and Leadership Academy Families:
As each of you know the governor has lifted the mask mandate for the state of Texas as of 03/10/21. He has left the decision up to each school district, as confirmed by TEA, to determine what the mask policy will be going forward. For Cumberland Academy and The Leadership Academy campuses, we will continue the current mask policy unchanged until further notice. The Board of Directors of Cumberland Academy and The Leadership Academy will continuously monitor the current situation which is very fluid at this time. Teachers will begin receiving the COVID vaccine this month and should be fully immunized some time in April. During the month of April, it is expected that the Board will review the current situation and give some type of update on the present mask policy. The COVID-19 page on the District website has also been updated. https://www.cumberlandacademy.com/apps/pages/COVID19 is the link to view that page if needed for continued updates. We hope you are staying safe this week!
Norma Cotton
District Director
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