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Our goal for our Elementary program is to provide a carefully planned and stimulating environment in which students can develop the skills, habits, attitudes, and ideas necessary for a lifetime of leadership and success. Through the Montessori Method, students are allowed the freedom to learn by doing. 
Children in the Elementary program learn to work both independently and in groups. Since they have been encouraged to make decisions from an early age, these students are problem solvers who can make appropriate choices and manage their time well. They exchange ideas and discuss work freely with each other. Their communication skills ease their way into new settings and situations.
Curriculum At-a-Glance
  • Language and Phonics
  • Graphics, Statistics, Pre-Algebra
  • Scientific Methods, Technology, Microscopic Study
  • U.S. and World History, Physical and Political Geography
  • Ecology, Zoology, Botany
  • Matter and Astronomy, Health Science, Computers 
  • Music, Spanish, Art, Motor Skills
  • Advanced Practical Life Skills
These subjects are intended to invoke the imagination, to aid abstraction, and to generate a worldview about human tasks and purpose. The child works within a philosophical system asking questions about the origins of the universe, the nature of life, people and their differences, and beyond.